Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Anything from undone updos to side swept hairstyles are trending right now.  I guess my 13 year old daughter is right in style with her sloppy bun that she wears every day!  She throws her beautiful blonde hair into a messy style on the top of her head in about 2.2 seconds. But seriously the ballerina style with a bun is being seen on the runway. And let's talk about the celebrities . . . Can we say hair envy? People ask me all the time if that is all of their own hair. Well I am sure they paid for it but it doesn't grow out of their head. That's why we have the magic of hair extensions!!!!! And we are so excited to see big hair coming back. Instead of the perfect bump it's a messy one. Literally use your fingers to back comb for this style. Maybe try a holiday ombre color with chestnut and berry tones. Great for medium to dark skin tones. While the lighter skin tone can rock a dark strawberry blonde. Come on in and try something new! !!

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